June 7, 2019 - June 9, 2019


US National Disc Golf Tournament

Those who compete here believe themselves to be ready to face the top U.S. Amateurs on one of the most challenging courses disc golf has to offer. Many will try, but only one will prevail. If you are prepared to test the limits of your skill and endurance, then you are invited to qualify and join us in Michigan for the one and only United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship, presented by Discraft

Anyone/any club planning to host a league or tournament on the Toboggan course MUST contact the main park office at 810.227.2757 and apply for a Special Event application to use the course.

There is a $10 per day vehicle permit required to enter the park if you do not have an annual Metropark or combination Metropark/Oakland County Park permit.

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Kensington Metropark - Toboggan Course

2240 West Buno Road
Milford, MI 48380, USA

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