July 4, 2020



Whitmore Lake Fireworks

Our annual celebration of freedom brings us all together offering an important reminder that no matter what differences we may have, we are all united by our shared pursuit of American ideals; “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Annually this weekend-long celebration is enjoyed by over 7,500 people from Whitmore Lake and its surrounding communities. When scanning the crowd at the fireworks you will see young families, multi-generational families who have been coming for many years, as well as those who are just looking to create new memories, with their family or by themselves.

Throughout the years, our Whitmore Lake Fireworks committee has heard many stories from community members telling us what the fireworks and festivities mean to them. Mrs. Johnson, a lifelong resident of Whitmore Lake summed up what the fireworks mean to the community, “I have lived in Whitmore Lake my entire life and there is nothing like the look on my granddaughter’s face when she watches the Fireworks Show each year. This is what childhood memories of our Independence Day are all about!”

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Fireworks will be shot from the middle of Whitmore Lake

9725 Main Street
Whitmore Lake, Michigan 48189, United States

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