Fowlerville Family Fair – Know Before You Go!

July 15, 2019 | Story by: Erin Utter

The Fowlerville Family Fair is coming up fast! The event runs July 22-27. We’re excited about rides, greasy food, and all the adorable animals.

We spoke with some of the directors at the Fowlerville Fairgrounds about the activities and history of the Fowlerville Family Fair. Here is what they had to say.

What makes the Fowlerville Family Fair an event for the entire family?

The 4-H animals are a huge part of the fun seeing the variety of livestock we have here. There are plenty of fun activities that are free so a large family doesn’t have to break the bank to have a great time. Some free events going on during the week are the Great American Sideshow, magicians, portraits on Thursday, and of course plenty of events on Wednesday for Kids Day!

What are the most popular events at the fair for kids?

Kids Day of course! The great rides are also a huge hit. There’s a variety of rides for all ages and levels of thrill-seekers, as well as midway games to win fun prizes. 

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What is something that makes Fowlerville Family Fair uniquely Livingston County?

What makes it unique to the area is the 4-H exhibits and open class exhibits with projects from local kids and adults. You can find these projects under the grandstands and they will be on display all week from artwork to food creations! Local vendors are also huge supporters of the fair and will be set up throughout the week to visit with and check out their products. 

What is something that you can’t miss at the Fowlerville Family Fair?

There’s so much to name! The Grandstand events are always guaranteed entertainment, but something I personally can never miss is the delicious fair food. It’s the one time of the year all my favorite lemonade, corndog, elephant ear, and funnel cakes stands are in one place!

What should a first-time visitor to the Fowlerville Family Fair know?

Grab a brochure and check out the flyers when you first walk in to know what’s going on for the day and where they will take place. Find someone working the fair to help you and point you in the right direction. Everyone is willing to help and wants every person that walks through those gates to get the most out of the experience and have a great time.

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What is your favorite memory from the Fowlerville Family Fair?

The animals and seeing kids show throughout the years and grow up. Now the kids that were showing 10 and 15 years ago are returning with their own families having their own kids show at the fair. 

Do you have any historical fun facts about the fair?

The fair has been around for 130 years, that is historic! But on the fairgrounds, there is actually a historical village with buildings to walk through and check out. It’s very unique to our fairgrounds. 


What are your plans for the Fowlerville Fair? Share your photos from the fair with us by using the hashtag #LoveLivCo. You can also request a free visitors guide and find more great Brighton-Howell Area events by using the button below!

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