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Go to Hell! – Know Before You Go!

September 23, 2020 | Story by: Shelby Rochowiak

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Welcome to Hell, MI, Livingston County’s hidden town filled with devilish fun and heavenly views! Grab an ice cream from The Creamatory or send a postcard from the Hell post office with burn and singe marks to prove to your friends that you survived the trip. Explore the 10,000 acres of State Park land at the Pinckney Recreation Area or rent a kayak and explore the chain of lakes.

We asked Yvonne Williams, an official Minister of Hell at Hell’s Chapel of Love why Hell is unlike any other Michigan town.

Visit Hell for a trip unlike any other! Before you start packing, here’s 5 things you should know about Hell

1.) What is your favorite part about living in a city that is a popular attraction in Livingston County?

More people have told you to go to our little hamlet than anywhere else on earth! Taking friends and family to Hell!  It’s very exciting to tell someone “Hey” I’m taking you to Hell and Back!

Plus Hell is such a Family Friendly place. So taking the kids for a round of putt-putt golf and ice cream is a fun afternoon.

2.) What makes Hell stand out from other Michigan cities?

Our name says it all! Where else can you take the Beautiful winding backroads and end up in a fun little hamlet called “Hell”.  Believe it or not the roads to Hell are quite beautiful.


3.) In your opinion, what’s Hell’s best attraction?

Here in Hell you will find entertainment and history dating back before Michigan became a state in “1837”.

Where else can you actually walk through “The Gates of Hell”.  Be “Mayor of the Day”. Get married  in Hell in our Wedding Chapel known as “Hell’s Chapel of Love” it is a beautiful little chapel that holds 12 guest. We offer marriages, vow renewals and commitment ceremonies 365 days a years. We have two Staff “Officiants” to officiate the couples ceremony myself being one of the “Official” Ministers of Hell. Yes, your Marriage License will say married in “Hell”.  We have the “Locks of Love” bridge where you can lock your love eternally. Be sure to visit our “Veterans Memorial” and the “Scattering Yard” where you can bring the ashes of your beloveds or Ex’s. An 18 hole putt-putt course and of course “Ice Cream”.

We have many gatherings. We are a destination for car shows, bikers, marathons, family meet ups.

4.) Advice for first time Hell visitors?

Come and have “Fun”. Be sure to get your “Free” Exit Visa to get out of Hell!

5.) How would you describe the Hell Community?

We are a fun loving community filled with Hellions, Hell-billy’s and Wannabes! Population “72”

We are the first to welcome you to Hell and the last person to tell you to “Get the Hell Out” we promise we won’t keep you!

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Hell Saloon

Hell Saloon, 4095 Patterson Lake Road, Pinckney, MI, USA

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Screams Souvenirs from Hell & Helloween

Hell & Screams Ice Cream 4045 Patterson Lake Road, Hell MI 48169

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Pinckney Recreation Area

8555 Silver Hill Road, Pinckney, MI, USA

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