Brighton-Howell Area Outdoor Dining Guide

May 22, 2019 | Story by: Erin Utter

Spring is slowly approaching and the sun is trying to shine through! Who wants to feel stuffy inside when so many restaurants offer outdoor seating? In Livingston County, there are patios and outdoor dining opportunities. With so many options, it might take all summer to check out these restaurants! Here are some of our restaurant recommendations with outdoor seating.


Restaurants in Brighton:

Buon Gusto

Enjoy European food with the view of downtown Brighton. Buon Gusto allows you to savor their cuisine both indoors and outdoors. Their Happy Hour is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. or Sunday all day.


A restaurant on the rise, Bourbons is booming with success. Their vast menu assures there is something for everyone. With both indoor and outdoor seating, everyone can be comfortable no matter the temperature. Happy Hour runs Tuesday – Friday from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

bloody mary & mimosa on table of outside patio at Bourbons

Stout Irish Pub

Find your Irish roots at Stout! This classic Irish pub does it right with an outdoor patio for customers to enjoy. With a menu for everyone and live entertainment, Stout makes anyone’s night out eventful. Enjoy Happy Hour at Stout any day 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. or all day Monday.

The Pound! Bar and Grill

Not only does The Pound! have outdoor seating, but they also have rooftop seating! Chow down on some classic American food with a view of the entire city of Brighton. Their Happy Hour is Monday – Friday from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

The Wooden Spoon

The Wooden Spoon keeps it local by working with Michigan companies and use Michigan sourced food. Try out their lunch or dinner menus while relishing in the summer on their outdoor patio.

Sandwich & Cocktail on table outside on the Wooden Spoon Patio

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Restaurants in Howell:

2 Fog’s

They may be known for their downstairs restaurant, but 2 Fog’s also has an outdoor dining option. Relax after hours in the heart of Howell. Their specials change weekly, so check out their Facebook to see the latest deals!

Cello Italian Restaurant

The patio at Cello may be small, but it is truly gorgeous! With the lights above you and the quiet view of downtown Howell, Cello takes you back to Italy!


Diamonds provides big-time flavors within a small town environment. Whether you’re craving steak, seafood, or their famous mac ‘n cheese, all can be enjoyed with the cool breeze outside.


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Restaurants in Pinckney:

Riverside Pizza

Day on the boat? Riverside Pizza has you covered with their docking area for boats on the lake. Enjoy fresh pizza outside, whether it be at their tables or on your boat!

Riverside Pizza Boat Dock

Zukey Lake Tavern

Does a Tiki Bar deck excite you? If so, you may need to check out Zukey Lake Tavern this summer! It also features a view of Zukey Lake, a pavilion, and great food!

Restaurants in Whitmore Lake:

Captain Joe’s Grill

If Mediterranean food is up your alley, give Captain Joe’s Grill a try! They have an outdoor patio that can be used for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If the night is still young, CJ’s Lounge includes a full bar, comedy shows, live music, and dancing. Happy Hour is Monday – Friday from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

captain joes patio

Whitmore Lake Tavern

The summer patio is officially open at the Whitmore Lake Tavern. Explore their vast menu with a picture perfect view of Whitmore Lake. Don’t forget to stop in Thursday nights for karaoke! Happy Hour specials are Monday – Friday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Make sure to give some of these restaurants a try this summer! Let us know if you prefer the seating indoors or outdoors and why! Post photos of your delicious meals and refreshing drinks with #LoveLivCo.



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Buon Gusto Bistro

Buon Gusto, 501 West Main Street, Brighton, MI, USA

Highlight On Map


Bourbons, 440 West Main Street, Brighton, MI, USA

Highlight On Map

Stout Irish Pub

Stout Irish Pub, 125 East Grand River Avenue, Brighton, MI, USA

Highlight On Map

The Pound! Bar & Grill

The POUND! Bar & Grill, 139 West Main Street, Brighton, MI, USA

Highlight On Map

The Wooden Spoon

The Wooden Spoon, 675 West Grand River Avenue, Brighton, MI, USA

Highlight On Map

2Fog's Pub

2FOG's Pub, 118a West Grand River Avenue, Howell, MI, USA

Highlight On Map

Cello Italian Restaurant

Cello Italian Restaurant, 209 East Grand River Avenue, Howell, MI, USA

Highlight On Map

Diamonds Steak and Seafood

Diamonds Steak and Seafood, 101 West Grand River Avenue, Howell, MI, USA

Highlight On Map

Wooly Bully's

Wooly Bully's, 1500 Pinckney Road, Howell, MI, 48843, USA

Highlight On Map

Riverside Pizza

9310 Mcgregor Road, Pinckney, Michigan, USA

Highlight On Map

Zukey Lake Tavern

Zukey Lake Tavern, 5011 Girard Drive, Pinckney, MI, USA

Highlight On Map

Whitmore Lake Tavern

Whitmore Lake Tavern, 9839 Main Street, Whitmore Lake, MI, USA

Highlight On Map

El Patron

El Patron, 2010, E Grand River Ave, Howell, MI 48843, USA

Highlight On Map

Captain Joe's Grill

Captain Joe's Grill, 9901 Main St, Whitmore Lake, MI 48189, USA

Highlight On Map