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A group of bikers in the snow

A Guide to Biking Trails in Livingston County, Michigan

…biking trails: the first is a 8.5-mile paved trail that traverses the picturesque landscapes around Kent Lake, while the second is a 3.4-mile trail that connects to the village of…

Mike Levine Lakelands Trail State Park

…22-mile trail is popular with walkers, hikers, bicyclists, horseback riders and cross-country skiers. The trail connects directly to the Pinckney Recreation Area equestrian trails and provides an additional 13 miles…

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Cycle Through These Four Biking Trails in Livingston County

…out the Potawatomi Trail (Click Here) Experienced: Settlers Park Hartland’s Settlers Park holds natural surface trails, officially known as the Section 21 Trails, which are made up of three loops….

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Take a Hike in Livingston County

Trails: Trail Length: 13.00 (Miles) Pinckney-Losee Lake Trail: Trail Length: 3.30 (Miles) Pinckney-Potawatomi Trail: Trail Length: 17.40 (Miles) Pinckney-Silver Lake Trail: Trail Length: 2.00 (Miles) Waterloo-Pinckney Trail: Trail Length: 33.90…

Brighton Riding Stables

…horseback trail rides for all ages, handled horseback trail rides for families with children under 8 years, and an hour-long trail rides for everyone over 8 years old. They do…

White Breasted Nuthatch

Hand-Feeding Birds at Kensington Metropark

…will cause them to be aggressive toward people.   Request a FREE Visitors Guide   My favorite trail for feeding the birds is the Wildwing trail, a 1.75-mile trail that…


…is irresistible. The Lakelands Trail State Park has become a vital artery for the community and a main thoroughfare for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians alike. Trail heads and favorite stopping…


…and creates a hard-to-fix trail surface. Hint: If you are leaving visible bicycle ruts, deep footprints or hoof tracks the trail is too muddy. Learn more about trail etiquette here….

bike propped against tree on a trail at settler's park

Settlers Park

Settlers Park paved trails and Section 21 Trails. With its wide sweeping views and variety of terrain, Hartland’s Settlers Park features one of Livingston County’s newest destination trail systems. Located…