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The Bear Factory – Know Before You Go!

April 21, 2021 | Story by: Shelby Rochowiak

The Bear Factory is an environmentally sustainable teddy bear and plush animal provider. This business is based out of Whitmore Lake, MI, and has been family-owned and operated for the past 20 years. The Bear Factory shares a close relationship with the Livingston County community and is committed to preserving the natural beauty of the area. They do this by implementing green practices into their daily business operations. Here are some of their sustainable practices!


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Recycled Materials


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#PlushforthePlanet is a green product line offered by The Bear Factory. This product line uses 100% recycled fabrics. It is the world’s first sustainable build your own plush line. This product line not only holds up to sustainability standards but educates children on the importance of environmental and animal conservation.

The first products for this line were based off of sea animals as a way to promote awareness of the dangerously high amount of microplastics in our oceans. Some of the pals in this collection include Seaweed the Sea Turtle, Ocean the Octopus, Grey the Great White Shark, and Bowie the Blue Whale.




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The Bear Factory supports green initiatives and strives to educate fellow businesses on better sustainability practices. They are strong supporters of The Greater Brighton Area Chamber Environmental Council, Whatever It Takes Sanctuary (WITS), and Four Seasons Events.

To celebrate Earth Day Week, The Bear Factory is offering Operation Conservation for the third consecutive year. Through this operation, they identify animals in their line that are endangered to increase awareness. They also take a percentage of their sales from those animals to donate to the organization of their choice. This year, proceeds will go toward the National Wildlife Federation. In addition, digital postcards are available on the website that focuses on specific environmental topics and how we can actively implement change in everyday life.




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In 2018 The Bear Factory started Project 20, a commitment to make a stand and implement more sustainable business practices to better the planet and the community.

Since 2019, The Bear Factory has transitioned to an energy efficient operation with the use of LED lights, smart thermostats and motion activated switches. Through distribution channels and operations, The Bear Factory has reduced waste by 70%

In 2021, The Bear Factory has transitioned 20% of its product line to items created from sustainable materials. By 2021, they will reduce their plastic use by 80% by incorporating sustainable packaging created with biodegradable materials and compostable alternatives.

Visit The Bear Factory website for more eco-friendly tips and plush pals. Learn more about local shopping in Livingston County and visit our website!


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