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The Hero Round Table – Know Before You Go!

October 9, 2019 | Story by: Amelia Ritter | Photos by: The Hero Round Table

The Hero Round Table is the world’s only conference with a focus solely on talking about heroism and everyday heroes. It brings people from all over the world to present short talks with the core message of a hero’s journey. For the 5th year in a row, The Hero Round Table conference is heading right here to Livingston County on October 28 and 29. We spoke with Matt Langdon, CEO and Founder of The Hero Round Table, and Joe Gatto, star of “Impractical Jokers” and conference speaker, about why you should visit Livingston County for this inspirational and unique two-day event.

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What is your favorite thing about being a part of The Hero Round Table?

Matt Langdon: I love meeting people doing amazing things. That obviously includes the speakers, but there are always super interesting people in the audience too. Sometimes those people in the audience are on the stage the following year. The conversations that happen in between the talks are the best thing that happens.


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What makes The Hero Round Table an important community event?

ML: It acts as a connector and motivator. The speakers can help people put their visions into action. You can guarantee that there are other locals in the audience who are doing their own thing to help make the community better and this is your best opportunity to meet them and hatch plans together.
Joe Gatto: Any event that tries to make people better and inspire people, enhances the community.

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Why should someone come to The Hero Round Table?

ML: People get inspiration and instruction at the event. The speakers share memorable stories that make you realize you can make a difference in the world. They also share what they’ve learned on their own journeys, so you can walk out with a vision and a plan. With those two things, you can pretty much do anything.
JG: Everyone is always working on themselves and aspiring to be better, and nothing does that better than attending the Hero Round Table. Not every speaker may be for you, but one can really connect with you and that makes all the difference.


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What is your favorite memory from The Hero Round Table?

ML: Two years ago, Joe Gatto spent the lunch break just chatting to high school students. It made Joe’s day and the kids won’t forget it. That’s a key experience for me. Speakers from around the world get a chance to be reminded why they do what they do and attendees get a chance to spend real time with the speakers.

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What do you look forward to every year?

JG: I always look forward to talking to the people who attend. You meet a wide variety of people, from high school students to entrepreneurs, as well as amazing people from the community. It is always a great group of people who show up.


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What makes the Hartland Hero Round Table Conference unique?

ML: This is the home base of the international event series. This will be our fifth event in a row and it’s amazing seeing the community come together to revel in the possibilities of positive change.

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Photo: The Hero Round Table/Facebook


What is the most rewarding thing about being a part of The Hero Round Table?

ML: I really enjoy seeing what happens after the event. People connect and then do amazing things. Some travel together, fundraise together, and create movements together. Academic papers are written, nonprofits started, and friendships forged. Watching the Hero Round Table community interact year-round is an amazing privilege.
JG: The most rewarding part is that you always leave feeling like you’ve accomplished something. You have hopefully inspired the people you spoke with, as well as [bettering] yourself by listening to the journeys of others.

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Photo: The Hero Round Table/Facebook


The Hero Round Table speakers don’t just stand up on stage to inspire attendees, they also sit down for lunch with them, chat, and sign books. There are also workshops where participants can learn more about the topics in which they want to delve further. This event is great for individuals, teams, field trips, work outings, and families. It is a powerful conference that has been described as “a music festival for the mind.” Buy your tickets for The Hero Round Table here. Keep up with all Livingston County events by checking out our events page and subscribing to our newsletter. And remember, tag all of your heroic Brighton-Howell Area adventures with #LoveLivCo!

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