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Instagram-Worthy Spots Around Livingston County

August 15, 2021 | Story by: Amelia Ritter

Do it for the ‘gram! We’ve put this list together for you so on your next trip to the Brighton-Howell Area, you can cultivate your feed with the perfect photos at some of the most Instagram-worthy spots around the county. So grab your selfie stick and pick the best filter for the quintessential Livingston County snapshot!


When you’re strolling the downtowns of the Brighton-Howell Area, you will notice murals painted on tons of businesses. Some are new additions courtesy of Howell’s Art Week, and some are classic community staples. They all make for a great backdrop to the perfect selfie or an artsy picture of the sun setting over small-town America.


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Sunflower Fields

Late summer is the best time to come and visit if you’re a fan of sunflowers! Fields at Schell Family Farm and Munsell Farms are bursting with sunflowers that time of year and the bright yellow against the crisp blue sky makes for a gorgeous Instagram photo that your followers will surely love.


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Howell’s Peanut Alley

It’s no secret that this alley in downtown Howell is a popular spot. Oftentimes you’ll see young people getting their senior pictures taken there, but it’s also a great spot for couples, families, or a stunning selfie! Visit during every season for new decorations and different colored lanterns. As an added bonus, M. Street Baking Co. is right there waiting for you to add one of their wild milkshake creations to your Instagram grid.


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Brighton’s Mill Pond

Recently remodeled, Brighton’s Mill Pond is an excellent spot for your next Kodak moment. There are photo opportunities by the amphitheater, Imagination Station, on the tridge, by the community art installations, and in front of the fountain.


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Gates of Hell

Tell your Instagram followers that you’ve been to Hell and back with the dozens of spots for photo opps in Hell, Michigan! A photoshoot in Hell is perfect any time of the year – in sizzling temps or when it’s frozen over!


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Wherever your Instagram photoshoot takes you, remember to use #LoveLivCo on your photos! Did you find a perfect photo spot that’s not on our list? Let us know! Reach out to us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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M Street Baking Co.

M Street Baking Company, North Michigan Avenue, Howell, MI, USA

Highlight On Map

Screams Souvenirs from Hell & Helloween

Hell & Screams Ice Cream 4045 Patterson Lake Road, Hell MI 48169

Highlight On Map

Downtown Howell

Howell Main Street/DDA, West Clinton Street, Howell, MI, USA

Highlight On Map

Downtown Brighton

Brighton Mill Pond, Brighton, MI, USA

Highlight On Map

Schell Family Farms

Schell Family Farm, Dexter-Pinckney Road, Pinckney, MI, USA

Highlight On Map

Munsell Farms

Munsell Road, Fowlerville, MI, USA

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